Ghost Truck Experience Near Shary Mansion (Sharyland, TX)

“It was May 26, 2000, and the school year had come to a close. I had just completed my junior year at Sharyland High School.  That evening I was going to the graduation ceremony with my good friend Pat Dickerson to show some love to our buddies in the class above us.  The ceremony itself was like any graduation ceremony in South Texas, long and warm.

After the ceremony, we got to chatting with some folks and then decided to get a bite to eat before heading up to Pat’s house.  I was spending the night because I was helping his family move the next day.  Patrick and his family lived out past 107 on 8 Mile.  It was pretty far from the school and it was very secluded and dark.  They had found a house just around the corner from the school and near civilization.

After eating we headed to Patrick’s house, driving up Shary Road.   In 2000 Shary Road wasn’t nearly as developed as it is today.  There was no gigantic apartment complex or Shary Pioneer high school.  It was a mix of rural neighborhoods and orchards.  The one mainstay of that road was the Shary Mansion which has always been rumored to have paranormal happenings.  There was always someone somewhere that claims to have seen a ghost or knew someone that had an episode where they encountered something…spooky.

On this night, we drove up Shary Road like we had several times before.  It was nothing out of the usual.  It must have been around 9 pm or so and it had been a long day.  Patrick and I had been chatted out I guess and fell into a quiet spell in the car.  Music was playing and we were just listening to that.  I noticed a truck riding my tail in my rearview.  I knew he wanted to pass me but it was a two-lane road, one going north and the other going south.

This truck followed me for about half a mile and as we were passing the Shary Mansion he decided to gun it and pass me.  As this truck did so, a car was coming southbound at the same time. It happened fast and I thought for sure there was going to be a huge accident.  But nothing happened.  There was no screeching tire sound or loud impact.  I checked the rearview and saw the tail lights of the car going southbound, but there was no truck.  It vanished in that split second.  All this happened as we were passing the Shary Mansion property.

I sat in silence for a moment before looking at Patrick.  Maybe I was just tired and making it up, but as I looked at him he said, “did you see that?” and we both did a double-take in the mirrors. Something did happen and we couldn’t explain it. We sat in silence for a few moments more, trying to process what we had just seen.  That truck had to have gone somewhere, but we just don’t know where.  There was no explanation as to what happened to that truck.

The next day we drove by there again while we were moving furniture from one house to another.  We checked for skid marks or wreckage. We checked for some hidden entrance. We tried to make sense of everything, but we just couldn’t.  That night we had an encounter with a phantom truck on Shary Road.  I’ve driven through there several times since, trying to see if I would encounter the same thing again only to find disappointment.  It’s been plaguing me to this day.” -Jorge
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