Mysterious Encounter on an ATV Ride

So, it was in Summer 2021, I was around 12 or 13 years old. Around that time, and to this day, my cousin Ricky and I have always loved to ride and mess around on the side-by-side ATVs. We always do it all alone on his ranch in La Victoria. There has never been an issue that would cause us to be afraid. Well on this night, everything changed.

For starters the ATV had never given anyone problems at all. The whole time it has been owned, it has always been well maintained, so there still is no explanation behind this. This night was particularly very dark, the neighboring ranches in the distance were the only light aside from the moon and headlights that gave off anything. So anyways, we start riding around the usual trails and the ATV started to act up making all sorts of weird noises. I asked Ricky about it, and he said something is probably just stuck in the tire, so we kept going not paying any attention to it. As we came onto a long straight trail, we were going about 20-30 when it suddenly just shuts down. There was no light from the headlights anymore, so I took out my phone flashlight and started to panic. Ricky kept trying to restart it, but it just wouldn’t start.

As I looked back, I saw these two glowing red dots approaching from about 100 feet out. I started to yell and panic even more when finally, it started up again. We took off hitting 40. This time, it stalls out again just before we made it to the house gate. I panic even more because I look out into the brush, and I faintly see the two glowing red eyes getting closer and closer to the ATV. For the final time he starts it back up and we made it back past the gate. I couldn’t help but turn around and look back and I am almost positive I saw the eyes at about 8-9 feet up and a dark grey bony body leading up to them. I will never know what could have happened if we had stayed longer, if it hadn’t started, but I can assume we were lucky.

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