“It Called Me By My Name” (Mesquite, TX)

“Working at a grocery store as a manager overnight in Mesquite, Texas.  One early morning around 4 am I was in the store alone and was checking some meats/cheese out of dates and I was standing in front of the cooler and I heard my name being called out so I look around knowing I was all alone. I kept working and there it went again, a whisper in my ear …… so I walk the store and all doors were locked!

As I started my walk towards the rear of the store going down the bread aisle, a loaf of bread shot out off the shelf….. the hair on the back of my neck was standing, my heart was beating so fast and hard I could hear it.  I started walking back to the back of the store to head to the break room and as I got closer the double metal doors started to open and close by themselves!

I had no choice but to continue working until the store manager got there to relieve me. A few times after that during the day I would have co-workers talk about the bread kept falling off the shelves, but I never told anyone there about my experience.  The weird thing about it was when I heard the voices it called me by my name.”
– Mario C.

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