Crying Girl Disappears In Front Of People At Concert (Austin, TX)

“I remembered this today and realized it happened around the same date 6 years ago.   Went to Austin with my ex-boyfriend to see the Kings of Leon concert at Austin360 Amphitheater on 9/13/14.  We got to the concert and I needed to go to the bathroom so we went to the front area where there were ticket booths and porta-potties.

Austin 360 Amphitheater

I headed towards a porta-potty with no line with my boyfriend and as we got there a woman stood in line behind us and at the same time, a couple came from the right side of us.  I turned to look at the couple because the girl stood out. She was tall, blonde, with blue eyes wearing a blue sweater and her boyfriend was wearing a brown jacket.  She looked sad and her eyes looked tearful.  Her boyfriend gave her a kiss on the cheek and walked away.

The whole time they never said a word.  The girl rushed into the porta-potty ahead of me and as she went in I noticed she didn’t lock the door because it blew open slightly with the wind. I thought it was strange especially because she kinda cut me off but we all stood in line waiting.  After a long while the girl didn’t come out and the lady behind us complained so I knocked on the door and no one answered.

We looked inside the porta-potty and no one was there.  We were surprised because we stood there staring at the door and no one came out the whole time. I even walked around the porta-potty looking for another exit but there was none.  My boyfriend and the lady behind us saw the girl so I know what I saw was real but I can’t explain why she disappeared. I looked around to see if I could see the girl’s boyfriend too but I didn’t see him anywhere.  Needless to say, I refused to use the porta-potty at all after that.” -MC

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