The Gargoyle of St. Cecilia Catholic Church – Dallas, Texas

Throughout the years, there have been unusual reports surfacing from all around the state of Texas involving flying creatures. Check out what this man in Dallas, Texas had to say about his bizarre and creepy encounter.

“My experience was here in Dallas, TX. Myself and a few cousins of mine had a night out drinking and were on our way to my cousin’s house late at night around 3-4 am. As we were driving on the side road by the old St. Cecilia Catholic Church, we saw this big-ass black thing that looked like a bird flying close to our car.

It got close, we all knew it wasn’t a bird it looked more like a gargoyle, it’s black wings covered it’s whole body like it was hiding his face while our lights beamed on his whole body. We (all macho dudes including myself) were all frightened and the only thing was said was, “you saw that right?” It took off up into the dark sky and we never told anyone about it until now.”

–Robert Bocanegra

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