This story came in with no name or location attached. We can only assume that it took place in Texas. It’s a classic doppelgänger story, you can find a similar story here. If you have had a similar occurrence happen to you, we would like to hear about it. Share your story. 

Since I can remember my dad’s side of the family has been very intuitive when it comes to anything paranormal. My dad has had a lot of weird things happen to him but usually my mom, sister and I just blow it off as him just being very interested in the paranormal.
In order to understand this story a little better I have to explain the layout of my kitchen. In my kitchen there is a door that leads outside and my parents bedroom is right next to that door, above the door that leads outside there is a light switch and a button that opens our gate.

One day my mom and I were sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee while my dad was outside working on his truck, he came in to get some water and we were all talking and he says ” i’m going to take out this trash and then come inside to shower so that we can go eat”. He grabs the trash in the kitchen and hits the button to open our gate and walks out, about 10 seconds later he comes back in hits the button again and storms into the room and slams the door.

My mom and I jokingly yell out to him asking why he was mad but he didn’t answer, we thought it was weird because he was in a good mood when he had gone outside and we also thought it was strange that he had come back so quickly. My mom and I start joking about how he was so mad that he slammed the door and right after that my dad comes in again… through the door he had walked outside from… so who was the person we saw go into the bedroom ?

We freak out and tell my dad what we had seen, he runs into the room expecting to see a man there but there is no one. Still to this day we can’t explain what we saw.

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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