La Llorona Spotted on Military Road Along the Rio Grande River

This story comes to us from a man in South Texas who looked at La Llorona dead in the eyes. This story takes place right along the Rio Grande River. We have another story that took place along the same river about 45 miles East, you can read it here. If you have seen or heard La Llorona, we would love to hear about it, you can share it with the community here.

One night one of my older brothers and I were visiting some friends in Peñitas, Texas. They lived by Military Road. It was about Midnight when my brother and I decided to head back home to La Joya, that’s where we lived. Well, if any of you have ever driven on Military road from Peñitas to La Joya, you know how the road runs parallel to The Rio Grand River and you must have heard the story of the Llorona.

Well the road has a small hill when you leave Peñitas City limits heading West towards La Joya. That road is beautiful at night because you can see the stars in the skies clearly. It is very DARK AND DESOLATE and Scary at night…lol… So we head back home and as I was approaching that small hill on the road I see a lady walking along the road on the shoulder wearing what seemed to be a white dress and was barefoot. Mind you that the shoulders on the road are pretty rough.

As I approached her I noticed that she was soaking wet. I flipped my bright lights on and I could see her more clearly. As I drove by her, I noticed that she looked very pale!.. I felt a very COLD CHILL go through my body as I was right by her. I slowed down to ask her if she was OK or needed a ride. When she turned and looked at me her EYES were BLACK HOLES.

I just kept driving. Once I passed her I looked in my rear view mirror to see if I could still see her. The only thing I could see were the headlights of my brothers car which he was about 100 yards back from me still.

Well when we got home I asked my brother if he saw the lady walking along the road. He asked me, “We’ll what was she wearing” with a puzzled look. I described her and he concurred but he also asked me if she also disappeared on my rear view mirror!!! Till this day I still drive on Military road and I am still waiting for that day. True Story.

Thank you for allowing us to use your story Turi. So what do you think? Was it La Llorona or another witnessing of the Lady in White? Why are people seeing this? Could it mean something in their lives?

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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