Doppelganger Family

The double thing happened to me at my childhood home. The first time my mother and I were in her room I remember falling asleep next to her and woke up because I heard the door slam hard. My mother remembers that night she saw my sister come inside her room with a warm cup of milk. She gave it to my mother, my mom told her, “Thank you” (my mother drank it every night and that night she just forgot). My sister didn’t say a word, she walked out the room slamming the door hard. My mom though my sister was mad or something..

The next morning my mom told my sister, “Were you mad last night that you slammed the door hard?” My sister was confused and had no idea what my mom was talking about yet my sister told my mom I thought you were mad because I heard a loud door slam last night too. My mother told her you came to my room and brought me a cup of milk. My sister said it was not her, that she doesn’t like getting up at night because she’s a scardee we have no idea who this person that looked like my sister was or why it happened….

The second time happened in the same house my family was making dinner and my sister went to call me that food was ready. She saw me coming out from the restroom to the hallway and told me come and eat, food is ready. So she went back to kitchen and she told my mother that I had just ignored her and thought I might of been mad but my mother told my sister that I was not home that I had left earlier to a friends house and my sister insisted that she had seen me.

She was so confused that she went to look for me at my friend’s house because she lived a few houses away and she picked me up and asked me if I had gone home very quick and left. I told her, “No.” I had been at my friends house since earlier and haven’t gone home at all. My sister was spooked we have no idea who that other person that looked like me was…. -Abeline

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