Doppelganger In Mission, TX

“Back in 1994, I remember heading out to a convenience store to grab some munchies and pump gas. I just grab my keys and wallet and didn’t tell anyone I was heading out to the store. So when I left I took my sweet time at the store and being that I barely got my jobs paycheck and cashing it out I got crazed about having more than $800 in my pocket since that week I put out a lot of overtime so I got good money. So after a longgggg while I decided to head back home. When I got home my mom was hanging clothes outside. And when she saw me driving up and getting down the car. She turned pale and was dumbfounded. When I approached her trying to open up a conversation she had her eyes wide open and she seemed confused. I try to talk her into telling me what was wrong and only after so many attempts finally succeeded. She asked me how in the hell did I get off that car when moments ago she was talking to supposedly me and nevertheless had a good long conversation. She thinking my sister took the car.

As soon as I showed up with my car in the parking garage the supposedly other “me” had just walked inside the house excusing to my mom that he needed to use the restroom. And just like 5 seconds later I appeared in front of my mom after getting off the car. She thought it was my sister but it was me. So still shocked and confused she ran inside to try to catch the supposedly other me and when she stormed in the restroom it was empty. So she stormed in the other remaining rooms and the house was empty. She started to shake as goosebumps ran down her spine. She told me how did you do it to get in the house and 30 seconds later appeared in the driveway. I told her that I barely came from the store. She nodded her head not giving credit to what she barely experienced. I stuck to my story that I barely got there and that I was gone for nearly 3 hours. And she stood to her story that all this time thinking she was with me had a long conversation with me. Till this day I never knew what happened. Sometimes once in a while, I try to bring up that incident and my mom gets pissed off and demands not to talk about that. As of right now, I think she was talking to my doppelganger. And when I got there my doppelganger vanished inside the house.” Juan C.

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