“It stumbled out of some tall grass by the side of the road, naked and luminous in the flare of our headlights, and clearly visible for a handful of seconds. My brother drives like a mild mannered father of four, so whatever it was had time to cast one slight, sharp glance our way, then scamper across the asphalt, into some more tall grass on the other side, disappearing into the Southern night.

We looked at each other, went “What the hell?”, and kept driving… we were en route to some business we couldn’t fuck around with, so that was all the hubbub we gave it.

Small, chalk-white, hairless… humanoid, but not typical. It honestly looked like the Pillsbury Doughboy, if the Pillsbury Doughboy did meth, and got Christian Bale’d. It also moved like it knew where it was going, and had as much time for us as we had for it.

This is Texas, at night, in the country… you don’t ask questions or look too long at something that maybe somebody didn’t want you to see (true of nocturnal happenings of a questionable nature anywhere, but especially gatherings of naked people in the woods in Texas, where rogue Ren fair activity is rife). It did not look like it needed help, or like we could’ve caught up to it.

Could it have been an animal, that for some reason had the appearance and upright gait of a human? Sure. But I’ve spotted all kinds of animals out here… even jumped out of the car and chased down escaped cavies, so I generally know what I’m looking at with regards to the local wildlife. Anyone can be wrong, though, and light can play tricks.”

-Mariah from Average Attention Span Podcast.


Thank you for allowing us to share your story, Mariah.  Have any of you ever seen anything like this before?  Leave us a comment below.

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  1. I’ve been searching up cryptids all day , just to see if anyone has seen a pillsbury doughboy looking creature , I drove out to the lake one evening to walk the trails with my dog , we come around this corner and this creature jumps into the grass and runs off , my dog went after it , I was too afraid to go after it , so I waited on the trail and called my dog to come back to me . I live in Missouri .

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