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We spoke with a South Texas man recently in regards to a strange anomaly caught on his daughter’s Ring Doorbell camera in Weslaco, TX.

“My daughter was looking through her security cameras the day before yesterday because her indoor cat went missing. She came across this entity caught by motion detection at 3 am by her front door camera. Almost looks like a human-like motion. This was this past Friday. What do you all think?”-Al

Could this be an actual ghost or perhaps just fog, condensation or an insect? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

5 Comments on “Ring Doorbell Ghost Caught On Video?”

  1. It looks like whatever it is, went down below the house and is now, most likely, inside or beneath them. Sweet dreams lol.

  2. Shadow people…I saw one several years ago around the same time…I woke up at 3am n just kinda looked out my bedroom window and saw this shadow person walking out of a small room I have in back yard… just passed right out the door and quickly disappeared….

    1. What part of weslaco?
      Seems that alot of paranormal stuff happens in the south of weslaco.
      The oldest part of the city.

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