Tree-Like Creature Seen In Bedroom

“About five or six years ago I was living in Houston with my parents studying for the Bar exam. I would get up every morning around 4 am to go run about 5 miles before starting my long days of studying. By the time night rolled around I was exhausted and had no trouble falling or staying asleep.

My bedroom was on the first floor which was just a single room next to the garage. The second floor is where the kitchen, dining room and living room were and the third floor is where the guest bedroom and my parent’s room were located. My parents rarely came to my room because they knew I was either studying or sleeping.

This particular night all was normal. I finished studying, took a shower and fell asleep to the sound of The Golden Girls on TV. I always set the timer on my TV so I could fall asleep whenever and not have to worry.

Well, later that night after dozing off I was woken up by the sound of someone breathing heavily. It sounded like someone was struggling to breathe. It was as if they had smoke in their lungs and couldn’t breathe. I knew immediately something was wrong. I didn’t open my eyes because I didn’t want whatever it was to know I was awake and I was freaked out and didn’t want to see what was there. I knew it wasn’t either of my parents immediately. I could feel the heat from the breath on my mouth. I slowly and carefully opened my eyes the slightest amount and what I saw will haunt me forever.

I was wide awake by this time. I could see this tall creature standing over me from my left. It was darker than the darkness of my room and it was breathing into my mouth. When I got a good look at it I was even more terrified. It wasn’t your normal everyday figure. (Although a black figure in your room at night isn’t normal period). It looked like it had tree branches growing out of it. It had branches coming out of its head and it’s arms. I can only explain it as looking like Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, but I hadn’t seen that movie at the time….if the movie was even out yet. It wasn’t until over four years later I saw the movie and immediately thought of my experience. But Groot looks harmless. He’s kind looking, whatever was in my room wasn’t kind looking and I didn’t want anything to do with it.

I knew I couldn’t just lay there and let it do whatever it wanted to do so I tried to say a prayer. I closed my eyes and screamed out the Lord’s Prayer and immediately it was gone.

I slept with the lights on all night for weeks. To this day I get freaked out when I wake up in the middle of the night, which is now very often.

I often wonder about my experience. I can’t decide if I think it was a demon of some sort or an alien. I don’t usually tell people this story because they don’t believe me. But I will go to my grave swearing to it’s truth.” – Anonymous

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