3 haunted places close to South Padre Island

Haunted Places brings us these haunted places in neighboring city to South Padre Island

Port Isabel Cemetery – Port Isabel, Texas

Port Isabel Cemetery began with workers on El Fronton de Santa Isabel Ranch since the 1840s, although the oldest gravestones that still stand are from the 1880s. It became a Catholic cemetery (French Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate) in 1849, but folks of all faiths are buried here. The apparition of a little boy is said to wander throughout the cemetery.

Queen Isabel Inn – Port Isabel, Texas

The 1906 Queen Isabel Inn, originally called the Point Isabel Tarpon & Fishing Club, was visited by President-Elect Warren G. Harding in November 1920. Despite some remodeling from hurricane damage in 1933 and 1967, the inn remains the area’s oldest business and hotel. Witnesses say disembodied footsteps are sometimes heard coming from the lobby when no one is there.

Port Isabel Light House – Port Isabel, Texas

The Point (Port) Isabel Lighthouse, built in 1852, was used temporarily by Civil War soldiers from both sides as a look-out post. Its light was extinguished in 1905 and the land was purchased by a private owner and was eventually preserved as a historic site. Now, a ghostly Lighthouse Angel is said to reside here, seen by many visitors, and many disembodied voices have been recorded.

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