Unknown Hairless Creature (Nashville)

“About 2010 in Nashville, TN I was driving on a neighborhood road a couple of blocks from my house. There was a drain area at the bottom of the hill. I saw something drinking water there. I slowed down to look because it just looked different and I thought it was like a greyhound dog. When it looked up at me, it was not scared, it was hairless, did not look mean at all. I did not see vicious teeth but it had pointed ears like a big fox, very long legs and thin tail like a greyhound would have but it was NOT a greyhound. It came to my car and sat down, took a look at me. I was very afraid at that point because my window was down on both sides but I was afraid to move.

It had a head that was like a wolf. Then it stood up again and wandered off down the path of the drain area behind some homes there. It was very clear to see under the street lights and just getting dark. I never saw anything like it before but afterward, I kind of felt sorry for it because it was so ugly but was not vicious toward me. I have no clue. Could this have just been a very sick dog? If so, how come nobody had seen it, nor had anyone tried to help or the human society caught and put it down? I always wondered about it because it was so strange. No pics but I wish I would have, it just happened too quickly but I know now that I will always have a phone ready for strange things and many have happened to me but in a time when cell phones were not common.” -Joyce

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