Man Encounters Pygmies in Mysterious Time Slip

We grew up in Silver Spring, MD and lived in an apartment complex on the sixth floor. I was 14 years old at the time and my older brother (three years older) asked me if I wanted to go riding with him. We went down to the lobby floor and saw two girls (sisters) that lived on that floor. They asked where we were going and wanted to come along.

As we drove around for hours, we ended up on a one lane dirt road, keep in mind that we lived in the city and this was around 1976. I told my brother that I had to pee, and he said we will go up a little further up the dirt road and let me out and he would make a u-turn and pick me up after I finished peeing. As I am using the bathroom I can hear the sisters screaming from the car, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. I turned around to see what was happening and I froze.

I saw mud huts all along the road. My mind reeled as I was trying to figure out what I was seeing and where I was. I looked down to the ground and saw pygmies squatting on the ground, and when they saw me they all stood and started walking towards me. My feet were frozen in place, still trying to understand what I was seeing and what time period it was.

My brother pulls up next to me in the car and the girls are screaming “Get in the car”.  We pull off in a cloud of dust and stop about half a mile from the area, everyone is trying to figure out what just happened, and it was unbelievable. My brother said lets go back, because it was just too unbelievable. We turned around and drove back and nothing was there.        Submitted by Derek

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