The Mysterious Dark Cloud of LA Homa Rd (Mission, TX)

A man living in Mission, TX shares a report about an ominous dark cloud.

“Well, this actually happened last night and this morning I stumble on this cool blog, what are the odds?

“Last night, after spending some time at my friends house here in Mission, I was driving home on La Homa Rd.  I live out in the colonias passing 107. I take this road all the time at night, its very dark with no lights at all.

It’s around 12:40 when I was driving down the road, almost home, when a few feet in front of me, just about where your car light ends to see what’s in front of you, I witness this large black cloud float across the street extremely fast.

It wasn’t translucent, it was like a dark pitch black cloud and poof! …before it could reach the other side, it was gone.  At first, I wasn’t scared, more like WTF??  It had no shape, no form, just a black cloud floating super fast.  After I drove a little more, it started freaking me out.

I was looking in my rear view mirror with fear that it was following me. I got home, got off the car fast, went inside and watched some TV to put that out my mind til this morning.

What it was, IDK, it was just very strange and that’s my encounter haven’t even told anybody this, it’s 11 AM.”

-Kevin Ybarra

We received a similar encounter from Noel.

“I encountered the exact same thing. But on fm 490 driving back to edinburg from Raymondville aound 8pm. My cousin and I saw it just there foating on the lane. As we drove by it just went over the car. Then we both looked at each other and said WTF. I looked at my rear view mirror and saw nothing. This was back in 2009 around September. The weird part is that I drove threw there for 6 years because I was working at Raymondville. And the only time I encountered that was when I was carpooling with my cousin from work. My cousin tells me a lot of strange stories that she encounters and now I saw something myself while I was with her.” – Noel

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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