Ghost Nun Spotted At Valley Baptist Medical Center (Brownsville, TX)

“I used to work the night shift at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Brownsville Emergency Department.  This was in July 2000.  One night, my charge nurse sent me downstairs to the basement, that was where our ventral supply department was located.  Anyway, I had to go get I.V. poles because we were getting low on supplies, plus it was like 2 am.

I had heard stories about nuns appearing to the staff at night. It was said that before, the hospital used to be run by nuns.  Anyway, so I go downstairs and get my items.  As soon as I was walking to the elevator, I saw the nun.  I followed and asked her if she needed help, she didn’t respond, and where she had turned down the hall there were no doors or exits.  It scared the crap out of me.

Forget the elevator!  I took off running up the stairs without the supplies.  I told my charge what happened  and they were stunned.  That was the last time I went downstairs.” -dcybys02

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