The Succubus of Mission, TX

Here is another story from Casey in Mission, TX, home of La Homa Road, one of the scariest roads in all of Texas.  We continue to hear about creepy and paranormal encounters from this area.  Check out Casey’s story.

“I live on La Homa in Mission TX.  I moved in 3 years ago with my wife and mother in law.  Well, one day I came back from church and my wife went to shower while I stayed in our room watching television with the lights off.  When I felt comfortable and cold I grabbed my cover and started dozing off to sleep.

sleeping (1)

Instantly, as I closed my eyes with the covers over my head, I felt a force pulling me down.  As I fought to get up while trying to move, I felt small feet jumping or prancing on top of my bed along with voices.  I felt my heart racing and continued trying to get up.  Before I arose, I heard a terrible demonic voice saying, “heheheheheheh, have fun tonight!”


I rushed to turn on the light, but there was no one.  I checked under the bed, again no one.  The only person I could think of was my wife or my daughter, so I checked with my wife while she was showering and asked her where our daughter was.  She said she had just put her to sleep.  This just occurred last month in my home.” – Casey

Have any of you ever experienced this type of sleep paralysis?

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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