Man Takes Picture Of Bigfoot-Like Creature (Mission, TX)

“I saw it in the fall of 2018.

I haven’t shared it since the people down here in South Texas didn’t believe me. Then I saw the red bigfoot sighting on your website from this same area. I heard branches breaking as it was walking.  I was fishing in the Rio Grande on the US side.

I turned around and it was a big guy.  I’m about 6ft.  This guy was tall as the tree line with a coat that looked like warthog hair but you could see the skin. It didn’t make a sound, I could see the muscles on the guy, but its face was super black.  Couldn’t see eyes or features.  I thought it was supernatural like a shadow person for some reason.

It kept walking then it actually took a knee like a football player and I saw it eating the mesquite seed pods.

South Texas Mesquite Pods

I fumbled to get my phone and snapped a few photos of it.  I was about 40 yards from it.  When it saw me it stood up and squared up at me.  He was big, so I ran to my truck.”-Cid L.

The witness also mentioned that they will go back to the location with a GoPro in order to give a better perspective of the area.  We eagerly await that footage!   Thank you for submitting your story and pictures, Cid.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Have any of you ever seen anything like this before?  Leave us a comment below.

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