Duende of the Corn – Santa Maria, Texas

It’s hard to believe in paranormal activity, especially when you have never had a reason to believe in it. My story proved to me that unusual things can happen, here is my story:

A couple of my closest friends and I usually hung out around a campfire on Saturday nights to relax from the stressing week days. It was usually always the typical thing… we all crashed at our friend’s house and just enjoyed the cold weather in our boots and Carhartt jackets feeling the warmth of the bonfire at our feet. We usually stayed till the fire dies or till our parents decided when it was time to head home. However, on one Saturday night of November 2015, we decided to change things a bit and do something that would leave us full of memories.

We wanted to feel the thrill and rush. We had the brilliant idea, or at least we thought in the moment, to play hide and go clap in the corn fields (An idea we got from the movie The Conjuring). We decided to pair up so we would feel a bit of reassurance in the thought we weren’t alone, we had each other. Being mere teenagers, we laughed and ran off to start our thrilling game. My friend and I set out to hide in between the corn stalks to blend and make ourselves harder to find. Slowly but surely, you would hear the laughter in the distance of each of our friends running through the aisles and getting caught. James and I were a bit cleverer.

We managed to be the last ones in the game because every time we heard someone getting closer; we would run deeper into the field. After running for so long, we decided to sit on the floor and just patiently wait for our friends to find us. After about two minutes of silence, we heard loud footsteps coming in. At that point we thought we were already getting caught and the game was done. Suddenly, we hear loud yells from our friends telling us to get out of the corn field. We thought this was a way for them to get us to get caught easily, so we stayed sitting there sure someone was near.

I hate myself for that very moment. Due to our little game and our stubborn teenage minds, my friend’s and I lives were at risk. What we saw that day was what many people here in the Valley and in Mexico refer to as, “El Duende”. He was as described by the many stories told to us by family, small, ugly, scary looking, and with a sinister look.

Although he was at least 3 feet tall, James and I felt like the only remedy to do at that very moment was to pray. He left James and I shocked until we finally got the guts and decided to take action by taking off running. We ran with no direction, just following our instincts. As we were running in the direction of what we thought was the house of my friend, we blissfully heard the voices of our friends getting louder and closer. After exiting the corn field breathless and still in complete shock, we told our friends about what we saw… they looked at us strangely, and something deep inside me gave me reason to think that they had experienced something similar.

Till this day, I can still feel the unforgettable and creepy chills in my skin. We have to live with the thought that there are simply explainable things out there that only a handful of people encounter, so take my advice… and always stay by the fire.

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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