“Hi everybody.  I had the weirdest experience back in 1996.  My doorbell rang and I got out of bed and went downstairs to open the door without thinking of who could it be.  When I opened the door, I looked to the left side, and there was a man dressed in black.

I felt like, oh my who is he!  So he looked at me and said, “Mam, can you help me?  I need to be in Mcallen, TX at 1 am.” but my clock was showing the time and it was already 3 am.  I told him to wait up and I closed the door.  So he kept ringing the doorbell and I told him just to go back the way he came, to take the expressway all the way to the east until he gets to McAllen, but he wanted for me to open the door and to show him the way back.

So I stopped talking to him and checked through the window to see if he was still outside, but there was no one.  So the next day I relayed my experience to my aunt and her friend who was about 70 years old.  The lady told me that it was probably the spirit or ghost of a man who back in the 1950s was going to a dance in McAllen with his friends, but when they got to the expressway they were in a car accident and that’s probably his ghost who needs help getting to his destination.  I didn’t feel scared after I opened the door just wondered why he was dressed in black.  This experience happened to me when I lived in Los Ebanos, TX.”- Irma

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