The Mysterious Lady-in-Red of Wilson County Courthouse

Despite her elusive nature, the legend of the lady-in-red has lived on for generations in Wilson County. Some say that she is the ghost of a young woman who died tragically in the courthouse many years ago, while others believe that she is the spirit of a former judge’s wife who still haunts the building. Regardless of the origin of the story, it is clear that the lady-in-red has captured the imagination of the people of Wilson County.

Many who have seen her say that she is a beautiful woman with long, flowing hair and a sad look in her eyes. Some have reported feeling a chill run down their spine as she passes by, while others claim to have heard her voice in the empty halls of the courthouse. Despite the eerie aura surrounding the lady-in-red, there is no evidence that she is harmful or poses any danger. People simply believe that she is the ghost of a lost soul, seeking peace and closure.

Wilson County Courthouse as it appeared in 1939 Photo courtesy of TXDoT

And so, the legend of the lady-in-red continues to endure, adding to the rich history and folklore of Wilson County. For those who seek to catch a glimpse of the ghostly figure, it is said that she will reveal herself to those who approach with an open heart and a respectful spirit.

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