Haunted by Shadow People and Demons on Carson Street (Edinburg, TX)

This story comes to us from an anonymous source from Edinburg, TX.  A woman is plagued by Shadow People and possible demonic activity in her apt off of Sugar Road.  Have any of you ever experienced anything like this before?

“I lived on Carson Street in apartments that were fairly new in Edinburg.  Carson is off of Sugar Road.  My roommate had many girlfriends and some were a little odd, but decided to move out and live with one of them.  He moved out quickly and I was a little shocked by it.  I decided to move into his old room. The first night in my new room was scary.  I felt like something was in the room with me and saw shadows on wall.  I paid no mind to it, but I wanted to run out of there.

I rarely got any sleep that evening because I could hear my coffee table dragging around in the living room.  I was too scared to check. The next morning I found furniture in its place.

I met my old roomy for dinner that evening and asked him about his room.  He was hesitant, but told me that the shadows would scare him at night, but didn’t want to tell me and scare me.  I had my boyfriend stay with me that night and we stayed in my old room.  We could hear thumps, wall scratching and footsteps in the apartment.  My boyfriend went to check out the room and it seemed normal.  I rebuked whatever was in my apartment .


It left me alone for almost a year, but he shadows came back and would now appear to my boyfriend.  I didn’t see them this time.  I would have horrible nightmares at night and would wake up with scratches.  My bf didn’t want to come over for a long time because he also woke up with scratches and a voice telling him “f” you right by his ear.  I would hear my name whispered by my ear and I would ignore it.  One night I felt the presence of something there, but I ignored it again as my bedroom door opened and closed.

I heard heavy footsteps in living room and it made its way into my bedroom.  I was scared and couldn’t move because of how scared I was.  I was laying on my stomach and grabbed my bat that was near headboard.  I could feel the body heat of someone next to me.  Then, it dawned on me that it’s probably a real person in my house!  Determined to fight for my life, I held my bat tightly turned around my hands and screamed like a psychopath while swinging it.  Nothing. There was no one there.  I checked my apt and it was clear.


The next day I met my boyfriend for lunch and he told me that he also had activity in his house.  Around the same time the night before something tried to pull him off his bed, but he held onto his headboard for dear life.  He said that moments before, he felt something licking him with a huge tongue.  He knew it wasn’t his dog because the dog sleeps in the den.  He told me that he was able to punch whatever was licking him, but didn’t open his eyes to look.  He said that after he punched this “thing”, that was when something grabbed his foot pulling him.  He wanted to stay over for a few days, but I didn’t let him because I would die if that happened to me.  The next few nights I got even more activity.

The TV in my room turned on and off over and over until I unplugged it from wall.  The next night I was reading a book and something jumped on my bed hard causing my body to jump.  I yelled out “in the name Jesus”.  About a week later I started to get nightmares.  One morning I woke up sideways on my bed and entangled with my bed sheets.

I moved out shortly after that to live with my parents in Corpus.  I didn’t get anything there.  Then I moved back to the valley and I’m getting activity in my apartment.  My place has been prayed for but now I want to get it blessed by a priest.”

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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