Time Slip In East Texas

“In April of 2014, my family and I were on the way to Frisco, TX from Houston and stopped for gas in Ennis, TX. We had about 1 hour and 15 minutes left to go, according to the GPS. This was about 5PM, so we got some sandwiches at Subway right off the freeway. Afterwards, I missed the turn getting back on the freeway and we ended up driving around for about 20 minutes, going down country roads. Finally, we made it back to the freeway. We drove and arrived in Frisco about 10PM. Shocked at how late it was, none of us could figure out why it took 5 hours to go about 1.25 hours, even after adding in the 20 minutes of driving around to find the freeway onramp. To this day, we can’t figure out why it took so long. We were driving at or slightly above the speed limit and there was little traffic on the roads. Maybe a timeslip?” -James

Have any of you ever experienced anything like this before?

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