Legend of La Llorona

La Llorona

“Another popular legend here in the Rio Grande Valley. I’ve heard tales of her since moving down here back in 2012. La Llorona, “the Weeping Woman”, is the ghost of a woman who threw her children into a river to win the favor of a suitor who didn’t want kids. She instantly regretted her decision and drowned herself as well. Her forlorn spirit now haunts the lonely and dark river bottoms looking for her children while bringing bad luck and misfortune to all who encounter her…

There are several variations on the story but here’s the one I’m most familiar with. Years ago, a nobleman and his entourage we’re passing through a small, dusty, border town. While in the town he spotted Maria. Young, beautiful, and widowed. He was instantly smitten with her and decided to make her his bride. Unfortunately, in his eyes, her three children were going to be a deal-breaker. After he told her that he couldn’t take her and her children, Maria became despondent. That very night she decided to get rid of her children so that she could marry the nobleman. She took them to the river and drowned them one by one. Immediately upon realizing what she had done, she was overcome by grief and jumped into the river herself. Now apparently her spirit still roams there, searching for the children she murdered all those years ago…

Of course, since she’s constantly searching for her own children, this is commonly used here to scare kids from staying out too late at night. It’s also said that she kidnaps children she finds out at night and takes them to the river. A lot of people here also believe that if you hear her wailing and crying then you’re marked for death. A bit like the old banshee legends.She is said to cry, “¡Ay, mis hijos!”, which means “Oh, my children!”.

Hope that you enjoyed hearing about another one of our haunts from the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. Until next time, Stay Spooked…”

Glenn Harrison (Hardcore Paranormal)


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