Ghost Boy Haunts Son (Mission, TX)

“I have several stories about my experience here in the Valley.  Finally, we buy a house in Mission, again not knowing the history of the area.  I couldn’t understand most of the things happening to me or my family.  I got pregnant and we started to see a little boy wearing brown overalls, but he was dressed like kids dressed back in time.  As my little boy starts growing everyone who came to visit got to see him, we didn’t pay much attention.  It started with my boy’s toys turning on by themselves at night.

My little boy used to go into the dark and stay alone until I brought him to the room.  When he turned 3 he started to develop scars and used to tell someone “No” and would come running, hiding behind my mother or me.  One day, my mother saw him fighting with someone and he saw my boy being pushed by someone, but couldn’t see anyone.  That’s when we realized we needed to do something to get the kid out of our house.  So she did, and since then he has been good, now he’s 14 and doesn’t remember anything.  However, while at the University of Texas-Pan American, I took as many classes as I could to learn about the area from the best professor ever, Mr. Garcia from Garciasville.  If you want to know anything look for him.

He was removed because people didn’t like the way he talked to them, but I loved the knowledge he had of history.  Anyways I learned that the rangers back then used to kill the husband and firstborn to leave the mother alone.  Unable to sustain themselves and forced to leave the land.  Many of those people never received a proper burial, just left where they got shot, so I believe it was one of the little boys that got killed in the area who can’t pass to the afterworld.” – Jennifer

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