Chased By A Witch (Donna, TX)

“Hello, my name is Cris and I also witnessed​ a flying humanoid.  I clearly saw it could have been a Witch.  It was early, around 9 pm, my children and I were driving to my brother’s house on North Valverde and Minnesota in North Donna, TX when I turned East on Minnesota Rd.  About half a mile into, here comes a figure in rags flying next to my window on the driver’s side.
This is the location according to the description

She flew for a few seconds, it was a woman with long hair and raggedy, long clothes.  I couldn’t see her face because of her hair.  I did notice that she glanced into my window, I figured she was looking for someone, glad it wasn’t me because she flew off n disappeared.”-Cris

This isn’t the first incident reported in Donna, TX concerning flying humanoids.  Read a similar story here.

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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