Retired Police Officer Sees Shape Shifting Phantom Cloud

“I patrolled Tom Gill Rd numerous times in the past. There is a large cloud that is unexplainable. I wasn’t the only law enforcement officer to see it. Yeah, it is freaky because it looks like a horse inside the cloud. I’ve tracked it east to west once and lost sight and vice versa. It was always just north of 3-Mile line. I’ve also seen it near Circle 5 Road in 1990 and 3mile in 2014. In my opinion, it is a battle between grim and an army of angels. I tried researching for an explanation, but don’t have one. I worked a major crash once near 83 and Showers Rd.

The vehicle was sandwiched lady witness was praying next to it, I asked if she was ok, she said a man came out of nowhere and took out the driver. Tennis shoes were still on the floorboard, and the seatbelt was buckled, there was no way to have survived. But as he placed the driver on the street he vanished in a cloud. I saw that cloud as I arrived but didn’t know the details. The driver had shattered glass on his clothes, but not a scratch. It was higher forces at work. Not his time.” -Retired Police Officer

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