Ouija Board Gone Wrong

This creepy Ouija Board story was sent in by a fan of THSOT. Check it out! – Odessa, Tx

“My uncle told this story when I was a kid.

When he was a kid in Mexico he had friends that liked playing with a ouija board. They always invited him, but he never took them up on their offer. They kept insisting that he play. One day he took them up on their offer.

When they started playing they were asking childish questions like “voy a tener novia”, “cuantos ninos voy a tener cuando sea grande?”( will I have a girlfriend? How many kids will I have when I grow up). He said after about 20 minutes of playing one of his friends started sweating profusely. He thought nothing of it. It’s Mexico, it’s hot, the room they were in was not air conditioned.

A few minutes later, he started shaking and speaking in a different voice and a weird language. He started hitting and acting violently. Everyone got up and started to run out the door. When they got outside, he chased after them. They ran away from him, but could still hear him coming. One of the boys suggested that they tie him up and take him to his uncle who was a curandero (healer or medicine man).

They all ran towards him and held him down while one tied him up using two belts. It took 6 of them to hold him down. They then threw him in a truck and drove to the uncle’s house. When they got there he told them he was possessed and could not do much besides everyone pray over the boy. They prayed over the boy and threw holy water on him until he came back.

Needless to say, they never played with a Ouija Board again.”

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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