The Devil’s Lagoon

There are many places in Texas that have the reputation of being haunted. Some spots lurk with strange sounds and are filled with weird things. This does not include only haunted houses but hills, roads, bridges, and lagoons. In a small Valley town named Alice, people will tell you the Amargosa bridge brings bad luck to those who linger on it.

“The Devil’s Lagoon is a legend that has been told since 1895, when a terrible accident occurred in a lagoon close to Rosita in the Rio Grande. It is said that one night a stagecoach full of passengers was coming down the road at full speed; suddenly the driver, for an known reason, veered the coach from the road straight into the lagoon. Everybody, even the horses, disappeared into the dark water without leaving a trace.

One night in 1960, a group of boys got together after a football game in Raymondville and decided to go there since they didn’t believe what was said about the lagoon. They found their way without any difficulty on a dark, beautiful Rio Grande Valley night. While they were there, they noticed strange movements in the water. Black figures would come out and sink again below the surface. Then the coach came out and they heard the driver cracking the whip over the horses, while the frightened voices of the passengers filled the night.

The boys stayed close to one another and hurried to their cars. Did they actually see the old stage coach? Did they hear voices and screams? No one really knows, but it is said that the boys never returned to the “Devil’s Lagoon” at midnight.”

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5 Comments on “The Devil’s Lagoon of The Rio Grande Valley”

  1. You must have the name of the town wrong. I am from Alice and live in the Rio Grande Valley. I have never heard of this place nor this story. Alice, TX is in no way in the Rio Grande Valley. It is closer to Corpus Christi. Alice is approximately 1 1/2 hours away from Raymondville. La Rosita is a colonia is located in the upper RGV.
    The only Devil’s Lagoon that I know of is near San Perlita which is 10 miles east of Raymondville. Perhaps this is location you are thinking of. Even the article in the McAllen Monitor (where you got the artwork) states “San Perlita” not “Alice.” Please check your facts before posting them…Google it if you need to. It will save you the embarrassment.

    1. Is this lagoon east of San perlita? I went recently and that was the closest lake but I couldn’t find a road to it

    2. Yeah this story is hard to read through because the locations mentioned are nowhere near each other.
      Alice is upwards from kingsville, a good 2 and a half to 3 hours from the Rio grande.
      Amargosa is west of that, and raymondville is pretty far from either.
      None of the places mentioned are next to the Rio grande.

  2. My dad used to tell us about this legend when we were kids , so i know about it , but im not exactly sure where it takes place,,


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