Woman Enters Different Dimension at South Texas Ranch

This has to be one of the best stories we’ve received!  Taking place in Olmito, TX.  Check it out.

“From the time I was 16 until I was 19 (mid 90’s) I had a job exercising horses at a ranch in Olmito, TX just a few miles from Rancho Viejo.  After I finished exercising all the horses, there was a horse I was allowed to ride just for fun.  I would often ride the horse on the dirt roads that interlaced the fields out by the ranch where the horses were kept.

One day, I went down the road, through the fields and went on to a main dirt road that I usually went left on, but for some reason, that day I turned right.  My horse and I went down a ways and after about half an hour or so, we came upon some dusty houses just off the side of the road.  One of the houses had the door open and a crooked hand painted sign that said “Raspas 50 ₵”.

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I thought it was kind of odd, but it was a blistering hot day so I rode my horse up and went inside to take a closer look.

When I went inside there were two boys about my age, dressed in black.  I figured they were Metallica fans (or some other heavy metal), but it did seem out of place way out there.  One was tall and fat and the other was short and skinny.

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Both of them had jet black hair and white skin with brown eyes that were so light in color they almost looked red.  When I walked in they looked at each other and just grinned.  I should have walked out right then and there, but I told myself I was just being silly.

I walked up to the counter where they had some raspa flavoring jugs on a very dusty counter.  I gave them the 50 ₵ for the raspa and waited while they made it.

As one boy was scooping up the ice, he kept looking at the other one and they kept glancing at me, giggling, then glancing at each other and giggling.  It was the creepiest thing ever so I look away from them and around the ‘house’ and that’s when I noticed it was more like an old shop with an ancient Coca Cola machine, and old register, shelves and every single thing inside that store was covered in a thick layer of dust as if nothing had been disturbed in decades.  Even the window glass was so filled with dust hardly any light came in.

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“You’re raspa is ready,” said the younger one and I must have jumped a foot in the air.  I turned to him and he was holding it out to me.  Both of them were smiling really big, and both of their lips were super red as if they had just been eating something red.  I looked at my raspa and it was untouched.  I looked back at the skinny guy and he had the pointiest teeth.

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By this time the hair on the back of my neck was standing up and I thought that either these guys were on drugs, or maybe they were crazy, but either way I didn’t need to be there.  So with my heart at my throat I beat feet out the door.

They followed me into the bright sunshine.  I had put my horse’s reins on a post that was next to the house.  They stood just in front of the house watching me and giggling at each other.  My horse, a normally steady and easy going quarter horse was trembling.  When I unhooked the reins my horse pulled back hard, trying to get away. His eyes were rolling, he was starting to sweat and he was mouthing his bit so much his mouth was starting to lather.  He wouldn’t stay still as I tried to mount him- and normally with that horse you could mount him doing a running jump off the barn roof screaming, “Geronimo!” and he’d barely blink an eye.  As he skittered away from me, the guys’ giggles became louder.

I finally mounted my horse, but he kept twisting and turning nervously, almost out of control.  I still had the stupid raspa in my hand and it was getting pretty sloshy by this time.  The short skinny guy took a step towards me and said, “Your name is Cynthia right? Cynthia —- ?”  I could feel my horse trembling under me and while every nerve in my body was screaming, “run!” The fact that he knew my name kept me there.  “Do I know you?” I asked.  They looked at each other and giggled more. “Do we go to school together?” They both giggle hysterically and looked at each other.  The skinny guy said, “oh, you don’t know me, but I definitely know you.” and reached up with his hand as if to touch my horse.

When he did that, my horse totally freaked out.  He reared on his hind legs so high I thought we were going to go over.  The raspa went all over me as I let go and hung on for all I was worth. He screamed and pawed with both forelegs at the guy, the hooves inches from his head, and the guy just laughed and laughed.  Red ripped the reins from my hands and took off full blast back towards the barn, cutting clear across the fields until we somehow made it back to our ranch. Red never even stopped, heading full speed into the barn and almost taking my head off as he tried to get back into his stall. He was winded from his run and trembling all over.  The ranch hand and his assistant came running in to see if I was alright.

As the assistant took Red to cool him off, I told him what happened. He told me it wasn’t possible because there were no houses down the road I had gone.  I showed him the raspa stains on my on my shirt and jeans, and I was sure there must have been some on the saddle too.  I was so creeped out by it, and so convinced at what I had seen that he insisted we mount three more horses and ride out there.

We went to the dirt road I always went and you could see my horse’s hoof prints clear as day. We followed them down about half and hour and sure enough there were no houses there.  No house to speak of- not a single one.  But where the hoof prints ended and turned into turmoil was my own boot prints and a pink and dirty raspa cone laying among them.”

Thank you for this amazing story Cynthia

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