Police officers are often faced with a variety of difficult and life threatening situations while on the job.  From armed robberies to missing persons, police deal with a diverse range of unique situations.

This next story was submitted to us by a retired police officer from the McAllen Police Department who experienced something strange and creepy near a cemetery while patrolling in south McAllen .  Check out his story.

“I am a retired McAllen police officer.  During my time as an officer, I encountered some strange things.  This is one of them.

I don’t recall the date, but I was stationed at the McAllen Airport and was on patrol one evening.


I parked near the canal in front of the La Piedad Cemetery as I waited for another officer.


It was dusk and getting dark.  I then saw at the corner of my eye, a man on a bicycle ride past me.  This surprised me because there was no way he could have come from behind due to the canal and the road was a dead end.


I got on the PA and called out to him to stop.  The man kept riding south.  He had long hair, about early 30s wearing a red plaid long sleeve shirt and jeans.  I decided to follow and catch up to him.  He rode the bicycle into the cemetery.  I drove up to the gate and shined my spotlight towards the cemetery entrance, but the man just vanished.


I got off my unit and walked into the cemetery.  I noticed dirt at the entrance which was dry and loose, but there were no tracks or foot prints other than mine.  I searched the area, but the man just vanished.  I told another officer what I had seen and they laughed at me and made jokes.

A few years ago I spoke to another retired officer who was stationed at the airport who stated he had heard my story and had seen the same man on the bicycle.  He tried to stop him also and he just disappeared into the cemetery.


He stated he did not follow the man into the cemetery.  The area has change since we left and there is no canal anymore.

There were other strange things that occurred at or near the cemetery and at the airport.  I wonder if the phantom bike rider still rides around the cemetery.
– George

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One Comment on “The Phantom Bike Rider of La Piedad Cemetery (Mcallen, TX)”

  1. Sounds interesting enough to investigate it further. Did you never find out if anything had happened to cause death to someone driving a bike in that area? I would have out of curiosity.

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