Has anyone had a paranormal experience on the deserted highway between Raymondville and Port Mansfield?

This story goes back to the year 2000. My best friend and I went to go fishing on that Port Mansfield Pier. Being that it’s a no charge entrance, we decided to pay it a visit. So at 5:00pm we were on our way through that deserted highway 186. Since it was still daylight, everything was normal. We fished the whole afternoon, enjoying a different atmosphere and a nice view, inhaling the fresh breeze of the sea.

Port Mansfield Pier lit up at night

Nightfall came around and we continued fishing through the night. 3:00am came around and we decided to call it a night and packed our fishing gear in the trunk of the car. So off we went back home. By 4:00am, driving through that lonely road, we came that bend on the road on Highway 186. We were doing like 80 miles per hour, trying to get home to McAllen to avoid the early morning traffic on Highway 281. So out of the corner of my friend’s Guillermo’s eye, a big silhouette popped out of the woods on the side of the road like 10 feet ahead of us.

The car headlights spotted a dark figure walking on four legs. Thinking it was maybe a cow in the middle of the road or a longhorn, since this is a country road. But, all of a sudden the creature stood on it’s two hind legs. Paralyzed, my friend floored it till we were far away enough. Looking back, all we saw was that creature jump onto the other side of the road and got lost in the brush-line.

All my friend and I could describe after we took a quick glance at the creature was that his eyes were slanted with a glowing red and his skin color was kind of grey with dark brown. After all these years, till this day, we have that very vivid memory like it happened a few minutes ago. The reason I took so long to publish this story is that, out of respect, I needed approval from my other witness, that means my best friend Guillermo.  Submitted by Juan

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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2 Comments on “Chupacabra sighting on HWY 186 near Port Mansfield, Texas”

  1. My dad, brother, and his friends saw something described like this while they were fishing at port mansfield there was a big swarm of them too. They ate the fish guts and the eyes were missing too I have pictures. We don’t think they’re friendly so I would recommend to watch out.

  2. I was heading home after a good night of fishing and right after crossing the small river on 186 i saw a huge creature that was about to cross the road a stomped on my brakes and for a small second I thought it was a moose but it being south Texas i knew that was important plus it had no antlers it was about 8ft tall very hairy and the fur on it was very dark black but faded into like a brownish gray towards the under side of it. In shock I immediately start flashing my high beams at it and the way it runs back into the wood was kind of like a giraffes gallup as i pull away from the spot i saw it i start looking on google trying to find an explanation of what i saw then i come across this post and to be completely honest i dont know what exactly that thing was but i guarantee that thing is not a deer nor a cow!! By the way this happened on January 5, 2022 around 2:45am

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