Texas Student Shares Creepy Drawing Of Strange Being

Working with a diverse range of students is something you can expect while working in the public school system.  I work in the state of Texas as a middle school teacher.  I happen to have a special needs 8th grade student we’ll call “Eric” for the sake of the story.  He is a good kid, very quiet and actually has a hard time speaking clearly as he is speech impaired, but I always try my hardest to make out what he is trying to say to me.

Well, today out of the blue he comes up to me with this picture in his hand and tells me his cousin and himself have been witnessing strange things around his house at random hours of the day and night.  Doors have been closing on their own along with different shadows appearing around his room and home.

Apparently, he saw a large shadow figure spread what appeared to be its arms wide open in the shape of a cross during the middle of the night.  I told him not to be afraid and that nothing bad will happen to him.  Now, I realize that kids can be creative and make up things, but this kid doesn’t seem like the type of person to lie to me.

I’ve always had a good relationship with him and I don’t think he would lie to me, but I could be wrong.  I’m going to try and dig a little deeper and probably contact his mother to see if she knows anything about this.  -J

Here is the picture below.  Click to enlarge.

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