Little People That lived Underneath The Street (La Feria, TX)

“This story was related to me by my grandpa (RIP), who he swears that this happened to him and his brothers many many years ago.  First of all, let me add that my grandpa passed away in 1998.  So this event occurred when my grandpa was a little kid and he vividly remembers this event as if it was yesterday.  One night, after a rainy day, must’ve been back in the 1920s, the streets were filled with water puddles after a stormy day, the night was calm and gentle.


My grandpa and brothers came out and played on the streets since it was during summer vacations, so they were allowed to play late at night.  They were playing a game I just can’t remember what kind of game it was, but it involved running and playing with the water puddles since back then there was no internet, cellphones, nor PlayStation etc… Kids had fun in other healthy ways.

Artwork by South Texas native, Delvis Cortez


After several hours of playing, my grandpa and brothers just sat down on the edge of the street talking and laughing and telling jokes since they were tired of running.  All of a sudden, my grandpa spotted some moving creatures at the other stretch end of the street close to an underground sewer tunnel.  He said they were like 5 small creatures. Thinking maybe they were some rats coming out of the underground sewer tunnel.  My grandpa and brothers decided to lynch the creatures with rocks but when they got close to the creatures to their surprise there were no rats, instead there were small people no more than 8 inches high.


To be exact their sizes were the size of an elf in a shelf Christmas doll.  They started to speak in an unknown language between them.  Only one creature spoke our language telling my grandpa and brothers something.  By the way, my grandpa related to me they wanted to join them on whatever they were playing, but one of its own kind spoke in the unknown language something my grandpa couldn’t understand.  So, the only creature that spoke our language told my grandpa and brothers that they wanted to join the playing but they weren’t allowed to play with them since their underground.  I guess the boss or owner wouldn’t allow for the creatures to mix with us humans.


Also, my grandpa related to me that the creature told him they’ve been living underground for thousands of years and once in a while every hundred of years they surface from underground to our Earth to see how things are.  After a while of conversation and saying goodbye they submerged back to their underground world.  Never to be seen again.


My grandpa and brothers were so perplexed and amazed at what they saw.  What amazed them is that they always played there since they were small kids and never have they seen these creatures before.  After this experience, every time they played at night they always glanced to where the underground tunnel sewer was to see if they could spot the same creatures again, but to no avail.  After many years passed and my grandpa became old that story faded away with the years till it was just a forgotten memory.  This story to me is farfetched, but who knows?  My grandpa never lied to me so I assume it must’ve been a true story.”- Juan V


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