According to and various other news outlets, a MYSTERIOUS “half-human, half animal” creature has been caught on camera after it was said to have murdered two dogs.

This is the huge 7ft beast that terrified locals in Santa Fe, Argentina

The photo was taken after it allegedly killed a German shepherd and a pitbull.

Locals described it as having a long neck and small head.

One person commented: “I saw one of these things in 2005, it was crossing a bridge and we came upon it.”

Could it be the infamous cupacabra, werewolf, aswang, demon or some other cryptid?

We cannot rule out that it could be a possible hoax.  What do you think?

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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4 Comments on “7ft beast described as ‘half human, half animal’ caught on camera”

    1. Jaguarandi,,,yes they are rare species, but hang around the mexican border towns. They are car like monkey face almost human and qalk on all fours grabbing vegetation from trees, and elongated bodies, but leap like cats about 20ft and quick. Mosty seen in evenings and cover of darkness. Ive seen many in my career in law enforcement as a pilice officer.

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