The Lady in Black of Victoria Road – Donna, Texas

This story takes place in Donna, TX. The year was 1996. Some friends and I had a basketball game that night. We returned to Donna around midnight. I had a car, so I was the “taxi.” We left Donna High School toward Victoria Rd. We turned left and proceeded toward the overpass. When we were at the highest point of the overpass, you could see a lady in black standing on the side of the road. She was at the very end of the overpass.

360 of highest point of overpass, (sighting took place at the end of overpass)

It was strange to us and I decided to drive slow just to be on the safe side. As we approached her, you could only see the back of her. Right as we were passing her, she turned toward the car and stepped in our path. We dove right through her!! It was as if her body disappeared as we were about to hit her. Everyone started screaming, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw her look toward us. Her face was white and she had black eyes. She can only be described as the girl from the ring.

The Ring

I drove off as fast as I could down Victoria Road, stopping at everyone’s house, one by one to drop them off. We never spoke about it again. I’ve asked around and researched the area, but nothing.

Years down the line, my sister worked at a Blockbuster Video in Elsa, TX. One Halloween, they were telling ghost stories and she mentioned what happened to my friends and I. Her boss pulled her aside and asked where she heard that story. She told him it was an encounter that I had. He then explained that he had seen the same lady on the same road. My sister said she could see the fear in his eyes when he was speaking to her. I am curious if anyone else has seen or heard of this woman…….. – Roy Cantu

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