Lured By A Crying Ghost Lady In Black

“This happened between the ages of 5-7 (1987-1989) years old, while living in Edinburg, TX, off Sugar Road and Wendy Drive by a canal.

360 of location

I had always heard the story of the crying lady, where she had drowned her kids in the canal because she couldn’t take care of them, or she was a battered wife and didn’t want them to be hurt anymore, or she was just plain old mentally unstable. I didn’t believe the story because growing up in the Valley, you hear tons of scary stories.

I was playing in the backyard (off the road next to the canal, and we didn’t have a fence) on Halloween, because I loved my costume and twirling in it. I had seen a lady in all black crouched near the canal and was puzzled because I knew basically everyone on my street.

I went to go ask who she was, and the closer I got, I could hear her sobbing. I was a little frightened, but having a good heart, I felt compassion for her, and proceeded to her. When I got to her, she wouldn’t look at me, or if she did, it was only for a second. I asked her if she needed help, and she told me she couldn’t find her son and daughter.

She continued to sob, and for some reason i got an eerie feeling. She asked if I could help her find them, but i noticed the sobbing started to sound fake. The lady in black tried to grab my hand to walk me closer to the water in the canal, so I quickly stepped back, going with my gut feeling, and told her I’d call the police to help her.

I ran into my house to tell someone, but no one believed me. After my sisters went to where I had met the lady in black, they found a small bouquet of flowers. I still get chills remembering the moment she asked me to help her look for her missing children.” -Norma

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