Our next story comes to us from Brownsville, TX.  Check it out.  Could this be a Cadejo?

“Back in 2016, my father and I were at Boca Chica Beach in South Texas. For those who don’t know, it’s a very secluded beach with plenty of wildlife and rough terrain. Anyway, My father and I were looking for a good place to fish near the ship channel. We turned left at the jetties and hit a trail. As we followed the trail, I saw something black sitting on a hill.

As we got closer, I noticed it looked like a dog, or wolf. Similar to a German Shepard, but this canine was all black and 5X bigger than any dog/coyote/wolf I’ve ever seen. Just to clarify, there are no wolves in South Texas and coyotes don’t get very big. This unknown canine sat calmly on the hill overlooking the bay towards South Padre Island.

Artwork by Izel Vargas, South Texas Native https://www.facebook.com/izelv

Then it got up and disappeared behind the hill. I have no idea what this creature was since it doesn’t fit any animal identification. All I know is I saw a large predator-ish animal out there and everyone take caution when traveling at Boca Chica, especially at night…”            -Chris J.

Have any of you in Brownsville seen anything like this?  Leave us a comment below.

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