Wolf-Like Humanoid Spotted in Backyard

I live in a small border town along the tip of South Texas. About a week ago my brother told me he saw something that has been making him question his sanity ever since. He’s the type of guy who will get up in the middle of the night and check outside the house to see if everything is alright. Some of the neighbors have had some of their property stolen so he likes to make sure all is good.

According to him, it was around 3:15 am and he heard a chorus of dogs barking loudly and aggressively down the alley behind our house. So, he gets up, walks down the hall and stares out the back door window while facing south. After gazing out the window for about 5 minutes,

he swears he saw what he can only describe as a combination of a humanoid type figure with the head of a wolf-looking animal dart down the alley in a flash. He describes being able to see it’s ribs protruding through it’s skin.

As it ran, he said it looked like it was bending over with it’s palms flat on the ground (kinda like the way someone would bend down to touch their toes if they were stretching). He added that it didn’t really look too hairy, but appeared to have human skin, all while possessing a translucent white/smoke color all around it. Even as it was hunched over, he said it was about 5 feet tall and 5 feet long.


The following day he told my parents about it and they happened to mention it to one of the neighbors. Turns out a few days before my brother’s sighting, their boxer, had been stolen from their backyard. Instead of thinking my parents and my brother were a bunch of kooks, the lady neighbor, whom we found out came from a Native American background and whose Native American mother had given her the dog as a gift, told my parents it was probably what Native Americans refer to as a “Skin Walker” and that “it” was probably looking for her stolen dog. She also mentioned that whomever stole the dog was probably cursed by now.

I know this story sounds bizarre, but unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures or any other type of evidence to present to you all.

For now, I’ll just ask if any of you have ever heard of or experienced such a thing as a “Skin Walker” or anything similar? Thanks. JG

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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