Flying Winged Humanoid Creature – Eagle Pass, Texas

A man in Eagle Pass, TX witnesses a flying winged humanoid-looking creature.

“I remember going to Eagle Pass back in 1988. It was very dark that night. We were coming in from San Antonio. I don’t remember what road it was but it had to be the main highway. As we were driving we saw something fly in front of the truck.

It then made another pass in front of the truck, this time going from left to right. We started to question what it was and my mom figured it was just an owl. The next thing we know something came right at the windshield and we saw it as plain as day.

It was a winged creature with a glowing human face. It had a very small nose and fangs. It was the most horrible thing I have ever seen. That was the last time I visited Eagle Pass to say the least.

Has anybody ever seen this or heard of this thing?”
Submitted by David

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