Woman Sees A “Cat Monkey” (Lufkin, TX)

We received a message from a woman in Lufkin, Texas after reading about one of our stories involving a “monkey mutant panther”.  https://truehorrorstoriesoftexas.com/two-refinery-workers-see-mutant-monkey-panther-beaumont-texas/  Check out her story.

“My family was outside near Lufkin, Texas during the space shuttle of Columbia explosion.

It shook the ground like an earthquake and stirred up something we call the “cat monkey”.  It ran out of the forest after all the shaking.  Was built like a panther, tan, but shortly after stood up on 2 legs and continued running away.  Had a massive wide head and super long tail.  We even had the game biologist come take a picture of its footprint and he said he’s heard of similar sightings in the Angelina forest.  Not comforting.”- Victoria

Have you ever seen anything like this before?  Leave us a comment below.

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