Haunted House Of The Bunny Monster

This story comes to us from San Antonio, TX.  Check it out!

“All my life I’ve lived In South San Antonio, and I have witnessed many things I can’t explain and I know that there are practitioners of witchcraft in my neighborhood and the things that these people did in the past haunt my whole neighborhood.

Growing up as a kid, I thought that maybe these occurrences were isolated to our home, but after talking to my neighbors, I found out that they weren’t. I have too many stories to share and not enough time so I will only share my family’s story. The neighborhood I live and grew up in was built in the 1960’s and my family was one of the first to move into the neighborhood. It’s a small 3 bedroom house. Much like the rest of neighborhood, my grandmother had 5 children and when they would be asleep at night they would all sleep in the same bed with my uncle’s crib in the same room and they would be awakened many of nights to the sound of footsteps in the hallway.

Naturally, they would assume that my uncle, who was a toddler at the time, had gotten up and was playing, but to their surprise, they would find my uncle in his crib. For years I and my family have witnessed a baby as recent as March of 2016 when my aunt witnessed it in broad daylight. The scary thing is that it is usually our little ones that witness it. My little cousins were over one day playing in the living room when we noticed that one of the girls was staring at the hallway motioning towards something the rest of us couldn’t see.

Another time, one of my little cousins was startled by something when she was playing in the living room she called the creature a “Monster” and described it as having ears like a bunny rabbit. There is also a lot more things that happened including something that was tormenting the younger kids in our family in a particular room in the house. Till this day nobody uses the room and certain people in my family will not even go in there. The ones who have seen whatever is in there describe it as a baby covered in blood with a very large mouth and very sharp teeth. Like I said, I thought it was only our house that was affected by these occurrences until I talked to a few of my neighbors and found out that no, it’s not only our house, it’s the neighborhood. What the hell did those evil sons of bitches do here?” -Anonymous

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