Trucker Sees Humanoid Figure In the Sky (Wingate, TX)

The job of a truck driver can consist of long, grueling hours on the road usually combined with a lack of sleep along with trekking rough terrains makes it one of the most tumultuous professions out there.

While out on the open road, truckers often see things that lurk in the night from strange people and animals to what some might consider the paranormal or the unexplained.  Check out our next story from a truck driver named Alexix.  He told us he saw this on Texas State Hwy 153.

“Hello, I got a story to tell happened 12/30/2017 in Wingate, TX.

I am a truck driver I was driving down to San Antonio from Amarillo.

It was about to be 1 AM when I was driving, when in the distance, I am seeing some eyes flashing like when the light hits your eyes. I slowed because I thought it was a deer, but as I get closer the thing crossed the road in less that 2 seconds. It looked like a woman dressed in black.

I put on my high beams and the humanoid figure was up in the sky. I completely went numb from head to toe, my heart wanted to come out. Scared to death, I didn’t even want to look back through my mirrors. That’s my story” -Alexix

Thank you for your story, Alexix.  Have any of you ever seen anything close to what Alexix saw?  Leave us a comment below.

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