Little ghost boy haunts McAllen apartment

My husband and I live in an apartment complex on the second floor in McAllen off of Tamarack ave and we have experienced some paranormal activities over the few years we have been living there.
When my friends come over they always feel uneasy especially in our bedroom, since its a one bedroom apartment they can see it from where we sit in the living room.

When my husband and I are in bed getting ready to sleep we occasionally here cupboard being closed or random noises from the kitchen and dining room area.

My husband was heading off to work and he called me from work to let me know he got there, very casually he told me how he saw a blonde little boy underneath the stairs and he was seemingly playing by himself. My husband then went on to say how he told the child,” Hi” and was freaked out because he was a small child who was alone. The child never spoke and just stared at my husband as he walked away. Next time we went to go pay the rent we asked the landlord if there was a blonde child living in the complex she stated no there wasn’t any blonde children in the complex. We didn’t let that faze us because we figured it might have been a friend of a neighbor.

My husband collects toys from his childhood and he was taking pictures of his newest addition and in the poster behind the toy you could see a child’s face. It was in several of the pictures except the first one.

A few months ago in the middle of my pregnancy I was working graveyard shifts so I was taking a nap before I had to go in. I was in between sleep when I felt pressure on the bed as if someone was laying down next to me. The curious thing was I didn’t feel body warmth, not long after the pressure on the bed I felt someone put their arm around me, again it felt cold, and they wrapped their arm around my side across my baby bump. When I woke up I asked my husband if he had come to hug me during my nap the look he gave me told me he didn’t. He was asking me many questions about it as if he believed I was in deep sleep and maybe dreamt the feeling of someone wrapping their arm around me, but I clearly remember hearing the footsteps, feeling the weight move on the bed and definitely feeling the cold arm wrap around me.

Occasionally I feel like I am being watched. The last freaky thing that happened during my pregnancy after my husband bought another action figure for his collection he had bought some toys and one of them was a Sabertooth action figure from the first X-Men movie. It talks when you press a button on its chest and he was really excited to have it. I made a comment about it if it started talking on its own I would throw it out because honestly I had a creepy feeling for no reason.

I was in our bedroom listening to music while my husband was in the living room watching television, he went to the bathroom closing the bedroom door behind him because he didn’t want the television noise to mesh in with my music. We joked around for a minute or two when he came out of the restroom then he headed back to the living room. I heard him call my name with a serious tone of voice, to be honest he sounded creeped the f*ck out. I went to him and saw what had him freaked out, on the floor in front of the bedroom doorway ,was the sabertooth action figure looking as if it had been either placed their or as if it had walked over and fell when he opened the door. It was laying three feet away from where it was displayed, this is a heavy figure, we placed it back on the table and knocked it over to see where it would land (if it would land three feet away, since this toy weighs at least one pound.) it landed right next to the table, no where near the bedroom doorway. I grabbed my holy water and said a prayer as I splashed the apartment with it.

We placed the toy on the top shelf of his main display and went into the kitchen not a moment later we heard a thud and saw that the toy had fallen. Other toys just as heavy were standing next to it and nothing ever made them fall down.

Wondering if this was tied to the apartment or if the toy brought something with it to our already paranormal-filled lives.

Sent in by:  Jackie D

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