This happened while working at PD Glycol in Beaumont Texas. Behind the massive Mobil Oil Refinery one night at around 2am a friend and I were heading back to the maintenance shop while on unit start-up coverage. While driving back to the shop, making a curve I spotted something walking on all fours by a holding tank.

It was stealthy like a panther only heavier. I turned the truck to the left to put the lights on it and asked my friend Marcus Montes what is that? We stopped and got out to look at this dark furred, 200+ pound creature with a face like a barn owl. When it turned to look at us we could see black fur that came up to its face like a chimpanzee. After crossing some cribbing it stood and turned around to look at us, went back down on all fours and disappeared into the darkness around the tank. I asked “What was that?” and Marcus didn’t know.

I had never seen anything like it in the woods in my lifetime of hunting & trapping. I turned and went and got back in the truck and shut the door, while my friend was in awe and when he heard the truck door close, he ran and dove in the truck and asked “What was that?” We went and drew pictures that were almost identical and later, at the unit told some friends. We described it as looking like a large monkey with a movement like a panther and an owl’s face.

Wasn’t long before that was all over the Plant as us seeing a Monkey Panther, and to this day my friend won’t talk about it from fear of ruining his future work reputation I’m sure. Wasn’t long before he distanced himself from me and we moved on, me retired now, knowing we saw something unexplainable that night.  Submitted by Robert DeBlanc

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2 Comments on “Two refinery workers see a mutant monkey panther Beaumont, Texas”

  1. Holy crap I’m currently working Arlanxeo in Orange Tx n up next is the turn around for ExxonMobil in Beaumont I hope I dont run in to that thing.

  2. My family was outside near lufkin texas during the space shuttle of columbia explosion. It shook the ground like an earthquake and stirred up something we call the “cat monkey”. It ran out of the forest after all the shaking. Was built like a panther, tan, but shortly after stood up on 2 legs and continued running away. Had a massive wide head and super long tail. We even had the game biologist come take a picture of its foot print and he said hes heard of similar sightings in the Angelina forest. Not comforting.

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