“I lived off of West Matz in 2000 and I saw this girl numerous times in our house and we had many weird things happen. I wasn’t the only one who saw her. My friend, mom, sister and my stepdad did, too. My stepdad thought it was my friend and he was talking to her, but she never said anything. She went to my room he said. I came home about 20 minutes later and he told me my friend was in my room. I asked him, “What do you mean?” My friend was standing next to me. “Who was in my room?” He jumped up and said, “Who’s in your room then?” We walked to my room and nobody was there. Another incident, I had a walk-in closet in my room and one day I was changing and the door just closed while I was inside.

I changed and tried to open the door and it wouldn’t open and this door didn’t have a knob that could lock someone in or anything. Then I heard, “Hey, can you help me?” and I said, “With what?” “Mom, I’m locked in the closet.” Then laughing and nothing. I screamed for my mom and she thought I was holding the door, it wouldn’t open. She got my stepdad. Everybody is pulling on the door and I’m pushing. Nothing. Finally, my stepdad just pried open the door and after I got out, the door would open and close easily. We checked, there was no way that door could lock you in, but I told my mom to take off the knob just in case. After that the closet door wouldn’t stay closed. I would close it and then it would open by itself. I would put a chair in front of it at night and in the morning the door would be open and the chair moved. We had many more occurrences. We moved due to needing a bigger home after 3 years, but occurrences happened until the very last day.” -Lori

3 Comments on “Woman Sees The Little Ghost Girl Of Matz Street (Harlingen, TX)”

  1. I live right off matz ive never seen this girl i walk thru matz at midnight and 3 am and ive never seen her

  2. I use Matz to get to two friends homes in the neighborhood and have never felt anything. I’m curious to know where shouts matz this home is!

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