Flying Humanoid on Alton Gloor Blvd (Brownsville, TX)

“I kid you not… I saw something like this on Alton Gloor when I was 8. I had this weird feeling to wake up and I saw this shadow on my neighbor’s roof like around 6 am. At first, I thought it was maybe my neighbor on the roof because the shadow was kneeling. The shadow then stood up.

As it got up, I saw some type of wings and it flew up! My heart raced and I had never been so scared in my life!! I closed my eyes and hoped it was just a dream. Hoping it was probably flamingo with thick legs that escaped from the zoo. I had never told anyone I had seen this before because they would have laughed at me and said, “Yeah right. It’s because of the movie Jeepers Creepers” and that’s when that movie was a huge hit that year.”-Anahi P.

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