Writing Letters To The Devil

“I have lots of horror stories I’ve been through. At an early age I lost my faith. I really don’t know why at 5yrs old and until I was about 14 I was always writing letters to the Devil trying to sell my soul.I sit here and think about this and really don’t have an answer or do I? I’m not too sure because I really don’t remember the exact words I would write the only real recollection I can recall is that I would ask for knowledge and power, but why would I want that at such an early age? I always thought that he would receive them because my letters would be gone from the dresser drawer when I would come back from school. My parents were always gone working. I have 1 older brother and eventually, my cousin moved in with his mom so she could care for us. I know it was not my Aunt who was taking the letters because I wrote them in English and she only read and spoke Spanish, but as they say, “Be careful what you wish for” or in this case “Be careful who you write and pray to.” I did eventually get what I asked, but it all came with a price. 

The consequences of my actions…

I’m 35 and I guess you can say I have it all, but not really, everything came with a price. It might seem that I’m doing well or healthy by the way I look, but just this morning after awhile of not have a seizure, I had a few this morning and if you have ever had a seizure you know the pain and confusion that comes along with it. I had many loved ones die and the one that hurt the most was my 1st daughter, Yuri, that passed away on January 26th of 2001, but God works in mysterious ways my next daughter was born on January 26th of 2005. I was blessed with another daughter and this daughter was not from the same woman. I was so caught up in my prayers and thirst for more that I actually lost it all including my family that is still alive, but we aren’t really a family, we just barely started to eat together and go out and be a family. I give this all to my choice of turning myself back to the Lord. If you know me, you will know that I’ve been up and down in my finances and in my relationships.

I’ve been in 8 relationships total or maybe a couple more, but not many and I’m not going to lie in my first few relationships I was a pigheaded fool that had lust in his eyes and greed in his heart… I prayed to know the things that aren’t meant to be known and hear the things not meant to be heard and to know people’s intentions even before they knew their intentions with me and damn I hate that that prayer was answered and granted to me.

It sucks to know that most of the people you call friends are not your friends but actually your “frienemies”. I have done a lot of witchcraft or “brujarias” in my life and used to practice meditation and astral projection. Once when I was meditating and looking to astral project I was laying in bed with my wife and was looking up at the ceiling and started to see a little black dot in the ceiling and it began to grow bigger and as it grew I saw something pass by and it came back I guess because it saw me. I think I opened up something I was not supposed to; it came down and grabbed me.

I started to yell and look at my wife who was laying right next to me yelling for her to help me. This demon was taking me up with it to the black hole in the ceiling. I was struggling so much and looked back and could see I was still lying in the bed and I fought even harder at this demon that looked like “Pumpkinhead” the movie character that came out sometime in the early ’90s. I eventually got loose and was instantly propelled back to my body where I began to scream and yell at my wife, she couldn’t hear me. She said I was confused and had all this really just happened. I have done so many brujarias that it has cost me my health, my family and friends, but I got my prayer to know it all and have money and respect. I have so many stories that this here is only the beginning. Be careful what you pray for, it’s not all pumpkin and spice and everything nice with it comes the good, the bad and the ugly..” Charles LR

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