Couple Witness Ghost Man on Southmost Blvd(Brownsville, TX)

“Good afternoon, I had liked one of your videos on TikTok and decided to share one of my many encounters here in Brownsville, TX.
So it was a weekend in the summer of 1996, my boyfriend then and husband now had been arguing coming back from a club in Matamoros just across the border.  He had borrowed his mom’s car and we would cross often to Matamoros to dance and hang out with family and friends.  We were only 17 yrs old, but we always gathered in groups.  That Saturday we began arguing and left before midnight.
After we had crossed into Brownsville the arguing continued so we were just cruising the streets.  It was not until we had driven into Southmost Blvd that we noticed it was already past 1 am.  The road was pitch black but the bright lights were on.  Still arguing we were already outside city limits and began to see what looked like a fog.  As we approached what looked like a man in the middle of the road, the car stalled.  I kept telling my boyfriend to step on it and he kept showing me that his foot was pressed all the way down on the gas pedal, the car was just not accelerating.  We were both frantic and scared.  Quite honestly the car wasn’t moving and only God knows what went through our minds.
Everything seemed to go into slow motion after that.  We both noticed that the figure never turned to look at us, so we couldn’t see a face.  This figure looked more like a man and oddly, he didn’t seem to have the lower part of his legs nor feet.  However, it seemed to be walking just looking forward.  After a good 30 seconds that felt like an eternity, the car felt like it finally wanted to pick up speed.  We were both very scared and kept driving so fast because we wanted to see the city lights.  My boyfriend couldn’t speak for a while, his face looked pale and his complexion is medium-dark.  After several minutes we were able to talk about it and try to figure what it was that we had just seen.
For a moment we thought it was a “mojadito” (slang for illegal alien) that had crossed illegally since the Rio Grande River was just a mile away.  We came up with a theory because we just couldn’t accept the fact that we had probably seen a ghost or a spirit.
To this day we never knew what it was that we witnessed.  We came to a conclusion that it had to be paranormal because we have never been able to drive down that road without getting chills and that’s during the day.  We won’t dare drive at night down that road.
Thank you for allowing me to share our story!”
-Julie Ann Rodriguez
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